The Recent Samsung Display Promises A Bi-Foldable Smartphone

The Recent Samsung Display Promises A Bi-Foldable Smartphone

Samsung Display has demonstrated a few technological ideas that hint at what the future of smartphones might look like.


The concept prototypes, which were revealed as part of its appearance at Display Week 2021 - a virtual conference for screen manufacturers and the like - concentrate on various tech concepts.


The bi-folding smartphone is maybe the most intriguing. Samsung's display division has produced the S-Foldable OLED panel. It is more advanced than the latest display on the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2. (and Z Fold 3 when it arrives).



Since, unlike the Z Fold panel, the S-Foldable monitor has two bends that can fold inwards or outwards. This allows for a relatively small smartphone body to be transformed into a tablet computer with up to a 7.2-inch screen.



In the event, a slideable OLED display was also unveiled. It allows the monitor to open a side-screen without the use of a folding mechanism.


Samsung Display's efforts will not be limited to folding screens for smartphones. It also showed off a tablet with a 17-inch foldable display.

Finally, there was more information on an under-pixel camera that can be used on both laptops and smartphones.

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