Xiaomi Mi 11 could be launched sooner than expected

Xiaomi Mi 11 could be launched sooner than expected

We have been seeing a lot of rumours about Xiaomi Mi 11 since last month. Based on another rumour, it can be said that, the latest phone may launch even sooner. The Snapdragon 888 Xiaomi flagship could be launched at the end of December. It is unclear if the confidential source suggests that the phone will be unveiled at the end of this month or whether Xiaomi will actually reveal it with the availability scheduled for January next year. The new Xiaomi Mi 11 and Xiaomi Mi 11 pro are said to be the first of many next-generation flagships to be revealed in the coming months. If the launch approaches, we now have more details on what to expect this time.


The 5G mobile market has been established in the beginning of May, 2020. Xiaomi Mi 11 pro is going to launch very soon with a new look. Though the needs and demands of the customers are changing day by day, this phone will be able to cope up with the customer’s expectation. Based on the information of some authentic sources, it has been announced that the Mi 11pro will be revamped again in camera terms, with the first half of the Mi 10 pro arriving with a 100-megapixel main camera. The Mi 11 pro will also shake up consumer standards this time around and come with a 190MP main sensor. Let's say goodbye to the original hole-cut style because the users will be able to capture high quality photos and videos. 120Hz full screen will also amaze the users of Xiaomi Mi 11pro.


We have more information about the latest features of Xiaomi Mi 11pro. Though the customer has to use the phone for a long time, it's also incredibly necessary that the phone has a long life. Xiaomi Mi 11pro will be an amazing device which will support 66W of fast flash charging and 5000 mAh battery. This phone will be powered by Snapdragon 888 and the overall performance will be developed a lot by the Snapdragon 875 processor, from 7 nanometre to a 5-nanometer fabrication process.


Based on the current news and leaks, it can be said that, the phone would launch at a higher price than the current Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro, or that it will be over $800. The Mi 11 Pro is powered by a smaller 4.500mAh. The page also lists 80W of wireless charging, which is similarly remarkable. The latest upcoming phone Xiaomi Mi 11pro will focus on improving some specific features such as- battery life, fast refresh rate, performance of the camera and display.

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