This month, vivo X50 Pro with gimbal OIS launches on world markets

Earlier this month, vivo revealed the new mobile innovation: a gimbal optical image stabilisation device that the vivo X50 Pro utilizes instead of a conventional OIS method with its main camera sensor.

The X50 Pro was followed by the vanilla X50 and the X50 Pro+ in the spotlight (although the latter confusingly loses the gimbal-like stability with its name suggesting it is a move forward in all areas relative to the Pro).

The announcement was for the Chinese business in China but if you waited patiently to learn about a global expansion, here's some good news for you. Next month vivo will carry the X50 series out of China.

That's what we learn so far-which is not much, unfortunately. Yet plan to see such handsets everywhere vivo already has an official presence outside of their home country. So, we 're likely to see them in Asia-among other places-Malaysia, Singapore , Thailand, Indonesia, and, of course, India. When we have them we will send you info on pricing and availability.

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