The rendering of Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 reveals punch hole architecture

Another spicy leak from the popular ice-universe shows the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Fold 2's unfolded architecture. The picture below is what the future foldable phone Samsung should look like from the front and it departs from the original design of the Galaxy Fold.

A less obtrusive punch-hole near the top-right corner of the display has replaced the notch cutout. And while the cutout on the current Galaxy Fold is off-center, this hole in the camera may trigger some OCD for someone seeking symmetry. Then again, that may have been more a tactical choice than a concept one.

It is hard to tell from the purported depiction, but it also seems that the side bezels have been a little shortened. Other than that, there's nothing new on the table and we're pretty sure that more will come out in the next few weeks before the phone gets officially released in August.

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