Some new products Apple is expected to launch in 2020

Apple keeps to its timeline of introducing a range of new iphones and apple watches each year. But they came up with a few surprises last year, including a redesigned iPod touch and two different AirPod packs.

Unless speculation and blogs are to be believed, this year is predicted to be as eventful for Apple. Apple is expected to release its first 5G-enabled iPhones in the fall and, among other things, a new low-cost phone. 

Here's a peek at some of the new Apple devices that we hope to see in 2020.

A new iPad Pro with 3-D cameras: According to Bloomberg's Mark Gurman, Apple plans to release a new iPad Pro next year that will have two camera sensors and a 3-D sensor that will allow you to create digital reconstructions of the world around you. It is said to be part of Apple's big push into augmented reality as it plans to deliver its first device in 2021 or 2022, the article also said.

Gurman is not the only one to announce a new iPad Pro with 3-D depth sensing coming next year. Ming-Chi Kuo, a credible analyst at TF International Securities, renowned for his Apple reports, also said so, according to a research note published by MacRumors.

A new "cheap" iPhone to make the iPhone SE a success: Apple fans might be lucky this year. They are looking for something specific and a better deal on a new iPhone.

According to news from Reuters, Nikkei Asian Review and Kuo, the company is planning to launch a new edition of iPhone SE by 2020. Bloomberg confirmed that the phone is said to begin development in February and could be launched in March. 

The original iPhone SE, released in 2016, was considerably cheaper at $400 than Apple's flagship iphones.

The new version is scheduled to be released in the spring of 2020 and may have a 4.7-inch screen like the iPhone 8. It would be running on the same processor as the iPhone 11, the Bionic A13 chip from Apple, and could cost $400. 

iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro that can come in two new sizes and support 5G: Every September, Apple is debuting its new iPhone like clockwork, and next year is unlikely to be any different.According to news from Bloomberg, Kuo and others, Apple's next-generation iPhones are expected to come with support for 5 G networks, improved 3-D cameras and revised screen sizes for the Pro model. 

It is said that the latest iPhones come with a revolutionary 3D camera that scans and digitally reproduces the world around you with lasers. It's the same sensor on Apple's new iPad Pro in 2020 that is expected to appear.

It's also very likely that the iPhones next year will have support for 5 G compatibility, coming after Android device  manufacturers like Samsung already launched 5G-ready phones in 2019.

New Apple Watch capable of tracking your sleep:

Traditionally, Apple unveils a new Apple Watch alongside new iPhones in September, so there's a good chance that the business will adopt the same trend in 2020. The greatest change to this year's Apple Watch could be the inclusion of sleep tracking functionality, a feature that competing Fitbit devices and others have previously provided. Apple has been researching sleep tracking for Apple Watch this year and is planning to have the app available by 2020, according to Bloomberg.

The next generation watch is also expected to deliver faster performance and better water resistance. 

An accessory for using your iPhone to help you find lost items:

According to reports from 9to5Mac and MacRumors, Apple is allegedly working on an app which could help you find lost items using your iPhone. The system would be identical to the Bluetooth tracker tile and would possibly consist of a small tag for easily missed objects such as keys and wallets, the reports noted. It would work with the "Find My" app on the iPhone.

Possibly the first smart Apple shades:

Apple will be happy to unveil its first pair of smart glasses this year. Mark Gurman of Bloomberg said in October that Apple is planning a 2020 release date for its AR glasses, but has more recently reported that it plans to launch an AR / VR headset in 2021 or 2022 and smart glasses in 2023 as well.

A package of services including Apple TV+, Apple News+ and Apple Music:

According to Bloomberg, Apple could be selling three of its digital services as a package payment by 2020. It is confirmed that the company is considering offering Apple News+, Apple TV+, and Apple Music as a lump package to raise subscribers. Such a step would further drive Apple into services, a segment that helped reverse the company's declining smartphone revenues through most of 2019.

A cheaper version of the HomePod:

According to Bloomberg, Apple could introduce a less expensive version of its HomePod smart speaker this year. The cheaper model would include two tweeters in the current version, rather than the seven present.

A wireless charging mat:

Apple may introduce a small wireless charging pad in the first quarter of 2020, Kuo also said in a note detailing potential releases of Apple's device.AirPower was a wireless charging pad that Apple planned to deliver last year, which ended up scrapping because it did not meet the "high standards" of the corporation. It would have been able to charge three items at the same time, such as an iPhone, Apple Watch and AirPods.

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