Samsung will launch more foldable phone than Galaxy Z Fold 2

Samsung will launch more foldable phone than Galaxy Z Fold 2

Great news for the Samsung Galaxy lovers! By expanding on its flagship Galaxy Z Fold 2 and Galaxy Z Flip, Samsung has announced its master plans for adding more foldable and affordable smartphones for its users. In 2020, Samsung has started to give a big push to its foldable phones. In 2021, they will continue this process. Not only this, but they will also expand their Galaxy Z Fold 2 series by launching more smartphones with exciting features. Based on the rumors, it can be said that the new phone will be a successor to the Galaxy Z Fold 2.


On the other hand, Apple is planning for entering into the foldable phones arena based on the reports of rumors which are swirling around. And, Samsung has already announced the news of expanding the series of their folding phone in the upcoming year of 2021. There's no lack of gossip about the so-called "iPhone Flip," which is set to be a Galaxy Z Flip-style foldable iPhone. Recently, news from authentic sources says that Samsung is going to launch three types’ of foldable phones which will be cheaper than Galaxy Z Fold 2. So, it can be said that Samsung is ready to beat the iPhone 13 flip! So this news could be an issue of big concern for Apple. Samsung is prepared to effectively overload the market with a variety of products that Apple will need to deal with.


The hints dropped by  Dr. TM Roh also reveals that amazing features will be added in the upcoming model of foldable phones which will be more incredible than Galaxy Z Fold 2. President and head of Samsung mobile communication business, Dr. TM Roh stated that Samsung will provide affordable folding phones to the users by the growing momentum with the foldable devices this year. He also adds that Samsung smartphones will have "super-intelligent, pro-grade camera and video capabilities" in 2021. He also teases the impressive video recording capability of the forthcoming Galaxy S21 series that will allow users to "edit footage like a pro" which will be more impressive than Galaxy Z Fold 2. TM Roh has given hints at its imminent launch by claiming that "it's going to be an awesome new year."


Dr. TM Roh also stated that the foldable category will be expanded a lot by making it more accessible to everyone and the most well-loved features will be added in the upcoming phone. Samsung is working continuously for tapping the infinite power of tech for developing the life of people by allowing them to express themselves. Empowering people on their journeys will be the motto of Samsung in the upcoming year, 2021. Since Galaxy Z Fold 2 was less affordable for the general users, today, they are working on groundbreaking developments in 5G, Artificial Intelligence (AI). They also going to develop the Internet of Things (IoT) that can redefine the boundaries of what mobile should achieve and allow users the ability to customize their mobile interactions which will be perfect for their daily life.  


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