Samsung rumoured to end the note series

Samsung rumoured to end the note series

Fans of Samsung Galaxy Note series may have to say Goodbye to the new versions of their favourite smartphones. According to the report published by Reuters, “High-end Galaxy Note smartphones may be discontinued by Samsung in 2021”. Additionally, according to another three anonymous sources, it can be said that two new types of the smartphone will be launched instead of the Galaxy Note series. They are a new version of the folding phone and Galaxy S1. As a result, the company may give major attention to develop their folded phone series.


Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the economic condition of the whole world has been hampered a lot. As a result, Samsung may discontinue its Galaxy Note Series. Based on the report from several sources, it has been identified that there are no plans of South Korean giant for developing the next version of the Galaxy Note series. They have not shared any kind of updates regarding the planning process of Galaxy Note series for the upcoming year. Samsung may start planning for the next version of the foldable device instead of the Galaxy series. Additionally, they are about to focus on their Galaxy S series instead of the Samsung Galaxy Note series.


Based on the information collected from another source, Samsung may replace the development process may be directed to the Note may be channelled into foldable devices. Based on the statement of Tom Kang, who is a research analyst of firm Counterpoint, it can be said that the sales of Samsung Galaxy Note Series have been declined a lot by 5million to not more than 30million. As a result, is has been identified that the demand of Samsung Galaxy has been declined a lot because people are not looking for new versions and newly launched devices of Samsung Galaxy Note series.      


Samsung is one of the most popular brands in the world of smartphone devices. They have earned a good reputation in providing the amazing devices which have a large screen and high-end specs. Moreover, one of the most interesting attributes of their high-end smartphone is the stylus pens which is used for writing in the display. In this year, Samsung has launched its new device Samsung Galaxy Note 20 with amazing features and attributes. Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra have the capability of streaming Xbox games perfectly. Samsung earned a good reputation in being the world’s largest smartphone maker by overtaking Apple Inc by launching their Note. The price tag was $999. The price was comparatively high than the iPhone 12 (price: $799). In the year of 2011, the laser autofocus and very good battery life have added extra value in the latest model launched by Samsung. The expensive price, annoying curved display and giant camera bump have declined the sales of Samsung Note 20 and Samsung Note 20 Ultra.


As a result, this is sad news for the Samsung Note lovers because 2021 may seem the end of the Samsung Galaxy Note series. It these rumours come true, it will be a matter of regret for the passionate lovers of the Samsung Galaxy series.

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