Galaxy M51

Samsung Galaxy M51 receives certification for Bluetooth

Galaxy M series from Samsung is a budget smartphone range that is only available online. Shall soon unleash the most powerful concept in the show, and this will be the Galaxy M51. Rumored specs include a China Star OLED panel which could make this the first Samsung phone with an AMOLED display to use a screen not produced by the manufacturer of the handset.

In addition to 8 GB of memory and 128 GB of storage, the Snapdragon 730 SoC is expected to be under the hood; an in-display fingerprint scanner is believed to be onboard. Around the back is a quad-camera system which includes a rear 64MP camera. A punch-hole snapper aiming at the front can capture selfies.

The website of the Bluetooth Special Interest Community announced on Friday that the Galaxy M51 was approved with Bluetooth 5.0 onboard. The listing also disclosed SM-M515F model number on the handset. The new report calls for the phone to be launched in September after gaining clearance, in line with the normal one to two months.

As for the potential battery capacity, there is speculation that instead a 6800mAh battery originally intended for the Galaxy M41 will debut on the Galaxy M51. That's because a battery picture has recently emerged while the M41 is believed to have been cancelled. A needless to say 6800mAh battery will be the largest ever installed on a Samsung Galaxy handset.

In India, Samsung 's response to Xiaomi is in both the Galaxy M series and the Galaxy A line. The value for money of the latter phones sells well in the country where Xiaomi is the most popular manufacturer of phones. India is the second-largest market for smartphones in the world; however, as a developing country, pricing is of high significance.

After Xiaomi and Vivo shipping 2.9 million mobile phones from April through June, Samsung was third in the country during the second quarter. That's down 60 percent from the 7.3 million units it produced last year during the same period.

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