Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 will not be eligible for a while after it has been released.

Samsung has long been rumored to be preparing to unleash the Galaxy Fold 2 at the presumed August 5 gathering, during which the Note20 family would also become official. However, it now appears that the latest Fold will not be published soon after that, unlike the previous Documents.

The Fold 2 software development process has not yet reached the first version of its bootloader, which means that the software is very far from preparing to be finalized. This is in contrast to the Galaxy Note20 builds.

In fact, news comes from another source that development for Fold 2 would only start in August at some fair range, with "nearly none in July." This means that shops will be hit either very late in August or September, but even then supplies will be very small.

This is because of the availability limitations on Ultra-Thin Glass (UTG) that Samsung can use on the top of the folding panel. UTG was launched in the Galaxy Z Turn, and rumors now state that UTG production amounts will be reduced until next year.

The Galaxy Fold 2 is going to be hard to find, at least for a bit. It is supposed to be marginally cheaper than its predecessor, with bigger panels both inside and outside, a Snapdragon 865 chipset with 5 G connectivity, and a 4.500 mAh battery size from its two separated cells (on each side). Samsung can also seek to render it immune to water and dust.

Would the Galaxy Fold 2 actually be a foldable mainstream device? Let's just watch and see.

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