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Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro review

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro review

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro is hitting the market with its true wireless flavour. This device is also efficient in providing the best noise cancellation feature. Additionally, it also arrives with a stylish and eye-catching design which is very appealing. The users of Samsung Galaxy series will feel comfortable while using this device the most because this device works best with the Samsung Galaxy smartphones.

Review of Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro

Positive reviews

  1. The outlook of this device is awesome! The device design is too much attractive.
  2. Overall audio performance is strong enough to provide the best service to the users.
  3. The waterproof attribute added extra value in this device.  

Negative reviews 

  1. The noise cancellation system performance is average.
  2. All the features of this device do not work in other devices except Samsung Galaxy.

Samsung is trying their best to provide the perfect wireless earphone to their customers but still, they are facing ups and downs regarding this issue. The price of Galaxy Buds Pro is $199.99 which is a little bit high for the regular users. They are required to develop the noise cancellation feature as well as the quality of sound. To get the best performance, this device is required to use in a Galaxy Phone.



Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro is available to the customers all over the globe in three colours, they are- Phantom silver, phantom black and phantom violet. These colours have been customised based on the colour of Samsung Galaxy S21 series.


The case of this device awesome which looks like a precious treasure chest. In the centre, there's a concave lid that unhinges and turns. It's pretty lightweight, which is good when you want to stick it in your pocket, and it has a status LED on both the inside and the outside of the case that turns green, yellow, and red based on how much battery is left in the case itself.

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