Samsung Galaxy A51 and A71 are receiving new features for camera

Samsung is out today with a fresh update, and this one is going both to the Galaxy A51 and the Galaxy A71. These are probably the best-selling devices for the company, in that order, so it makes sense that on the software front it would take care of them.

And it will take care of them. Samsung is moving to these two handsets apps like Single grab, My filters, and Night hyperlapse, apps previously seen on flagships. Of course, the A51 and A71 cameras are nowhere near flagship level, but some people might find these new features useful anyway.

You do get Easy Sharing and Music Sharing, while the applications for the keyboard and the Gallery are still being modified. You will convert text directly from the keyboard tray, and even undo / redo the new operation with a left or right tap on the keyboard using two fingers. In Gallery, Clean View gathers up to 100 consecutively fired pictures into a set, and when you're zoomed into an picture Quick Crop does as it says on the box.

In fact, you should predict an increase in the overall reliability of the network, and the same goes for protection. Of course, there are also the usual bug fixes. The upgrade comes with A515FXXU3BTF4 construct for the A51 and A715FXXU2ATG1 construct for the A71, while regional differences between build strings that occur.


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