Review of Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Lite

The Mi Note 10 Lite begins Xiaomi 's invasion of our workplace. It was launched as a cheaper alternative to the Mi Note 10 cameraphone and now it is up to us to decide whether it strikes a reasonable price-performance balance.

Our model is in Midnight Black color, so it's already spectacular with its appearance out of the box-we don't always see midrangers with AMOLED screens so angled edges, so the Mi Note 10 Lite is probably among the best lookers in its price category.

Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Lite now sells at a starting price of € 349 for the 6/64 GB variant on various markets. We have the variant that costs €50 more with double the storage. You get a semi-transparent case inside the package and this is not one of the super simple ones-it feels fairly durable and provides good security.

In the retail box, too, there is a 30W fast charger, which is a good thing, given the fact that Xiaomi used to ship midrangers and flagships with fast charging functionality without the proper power brick not so long ago.

This phone looks like a Mi Note 10 in your hand, mainly because it has the same body-down to the flat bottom and back, keys, and port locations.

The distinction is that the cameras on the back-instead of getting five cameras, the Mi Note 10 Lite settles for four snappers, none of them as good as the ones in the non-Lite series.

The main camera has a Sony IMX686 64MP sensor-the same one used in flagship smartphones such as Redmi K30 Pro, Nubia Red Magic 5 G and Vivo X30 Pro. There is also an 8MP ultra-wide snapper and two auxiliary units-a 2MP macro and a 5MP depth sensor.

Xiaomi has introduced the Lite Spirit to the front-facing camera we're looking at the 16MP f/2.5 instead of the 32MP f/2.0 on the Mi Note 10.

However, the battery is as powerful as it can be with its 5.260 mAh capacity. With a phone running Android 10 and an powerful Snapdragon 730 G chipset, we anticipate some fantastic results in our battery check.


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