Review of LG Velvet Dual Screen

LG has been on the back foot in the mobile industry for a few years now, but the company's effort at a battle back figures here. The Korean company has introduced the LG Velvet-a midranger with style emphasis, 5G connectivity and exclusive dual screen connection.

The device already sells for €650 in Europe, but the package includes gifts worth €400 on its own so it sounds like a real deal.

The LG Velvet also sticks out with its Sunset Illusion colour. It isn't a paint per se- it is a mirrored surface that in concept is somewhere in the cross-section between red , purple, and yellow. In reality it can be just about any color depending on the available light.

Photos don't really do it right-you 're going to have to wait for our video review to see how the colors are changing, but it's really extraordinary.

In the LG Velvet, the back isn't everything-there is also the extremely tall display-20.5:9. The control key is a little too big for our liked but not too poor.

This midranger is remarkably light given its height and fairly wide 4.300mAh pack. Audiophiles should enjoy the idea that on the bottom there's a 3.5 mm audio jack right next to the USB-C slot.

We have received the LG Velvet dual screen adapter, which will be available in all pre-orders. It comes in Black, connecting via USB-C port. You can use it as a case, as it is plastic and very sturdy, although the Velvet's lightness is difficult to appreciate in that way.

Since the Dual Screen slots in the USB-C port, LG has implemented an eight pogo pins magnetic add-on that allows the charger to do its job with the fast wired 25W charging. Also, there is 9W wireless charging which works via the device.

The LG Velvet looks good but the scene in the middle is as tough as ever. Will the Velvet have what it takes to recover the recently lost ground LG? Stay around, as our review really is coming soon.

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