Redmi 7A is now updated to Android 10 in China

Although Xiaomi generally keeps its smartphones up-to-date with new versions of MIUI for several years, the same can not be said for updates to the Android version, particularly for some low-end and lower-midrange phones. Often such are trapped on an older version of the App, even though the new MIUI is enabled.

However, that is no longer the case for the Redmi 7A. That low-end variant was launched last July, and it was already operating MIUI 11, which is still the new for most Xiaomi users, while MIUI 12 is already on its way to a few fortunate ones.

Now anyway, China's Redmi 7A is having a new update that changes the basic edition of Android from 9 Pie to 10. MIUI 11 is now, mind you, that hasn't changed. The new software also delivers a newer level of security patch, May 2020. That's no longer current, but it's no bad for a low-end handset.

The update comes over-the-air as a 1.7 GB download, and you will have MIUI QCMCNXM once you have it installed.

Hopefully, a related update would soon be applicable to the worldwide Redmi 7A versions.

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