Qualcomm announced for flagship Oppo Find X3 series

Qualcomm announced for flagship Oppo Find X3 series

Oppo is about to launch Find X3 featuring Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 which will enable the 5G. The advanced 5G technology will create a new dimension in the world of technology.  2021 will be one of the most memorable and enjoyable years for Oppo users. Oppo is one of the companies who are going to feature the Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 for the first time in the platform of the mobile world. Their upcoming phone Oppo Find X3 will be an amazing device to fulfil the demand of the customers.


Some specific biggest flagship smartphone companies will be powered by the top-tier-Soc (system-on-chip) of Snapdragon 888. This chipset was announced in the annual event of Qualcomm’s Snapdragon Summit 2020. In this event, the latest technology of this chipset was revealed publicly which will be beneficial for using the advanced global 5G development. Moreover, Oppo will continue the process of collaboration with Qualcomm to maintain the acceleration of deployment of the global 5G. The upcoming model Oppo Find X3 will also evaluate the 5G experience properly which will bring a new dimension in the world of networking and technology.  The overall process will be maintained appropriately by leading tech partners all over the world.


The mission and vision of Oppo and Qualcomm are very similar to each other. As a result, their partnership will be perfect for developing the 5G technology up to the mark. It will also enable an ultimate mobile experience for mobile phone users all over the globe. The president and vice president of Global Sales, Alen Wu stated that “For a long time, Qualcomm Technologies and OPPO have shared a close relationship. Though we are sharing similar visions in our pursuit of an ultimate mobile experience”.


Oppo Find X3 is releasing soon with a brand new experience of 5G. Making a 5G reality was the main theme of the past few years. At present, realizing and developing the enormous potential of the 5G experience will be the main motto of 2021. Oppo and Qualcomm will implement this process by improving the 5G experience. They will also improve the AI experience and bring a huge improvement in the overall service. Oppo is one of the first brands to launch the flagship smartphone to feature the Snapdragon 888 in the upcoming year of 2021. Oppo Find X3 series will be an all-round experience for the fans of Oppo. Mobile users all around the globe will be able to enjoy an excellent mobile experience with this feature. The Snapdragon 888 will develop the 5nm process technology and X60 5G Modern-RF System which will develop the 5G experience for the users. This will also ensure to enhance the AI and gaming experience in the flagship devices of Oppo including the Oppo Find X3 series.

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