Poco X2, Xiaomi

Poco X2 is beginning to obtain MIUI 12 updates in India

Xiaomi Subbrand Poco has released the first ever MIUI 12 update for Indian devices. The upgrade to MIUI 12 is now being issued to the Poco X2 units sold in the subcontinent, with a bunch of Twitter posts reporting the reception of the latest app.

The new build number is MIUI,QGHINXM, and comes over-the-air as an 813 MB download. The changelog says it's "stable," but it's not clear if it's just a soak test or a more general rollout. Whatever the case might be, at least several users have obtained it, and it's obviously on the way to all Poco X2 devices, even though it may take a while before any single one of them arrives.

MIUI 12 introduces new app animations, including a "physically oriented" engine and a "advanced interface" that can update the look and feel of your computer. In addition, dynamic window technology "takes screen orientation to a new level."

The latest edition of Xiaomi 's skin also includes a brand-new graphic interface, including magazine-level formats that "carry essential items to the forefront and render material structure transparent."

Let's hope this isn't just a fluke and won't be constrained by a few lucky Poco X2 owners for a long time to come.

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