Oppo is contributing to the first deployment of the 5G SA network in the United Kingdom

The United Kingdom's 5 G network continues to grow and today, Oppo revealed the first successfully integrated standalone 5 G network. Two Oppo smartphones were tested on Vodafone 's network in a controlled environment at Coventry University, built on several tasks with Ericsson equipment, part of the so-called "slice switching software solutions"

The apps were a Find X2 Pro with 865 chipset Qualcomm Snapdragon and 5 G Reno3 came with a 1000L Mediatek Dimension board. Oppo's approach allows each sliced network to operate independently with its own resources allocated and more flexibly used to meet the various user scenarios.

5 G Network Slicing can be applied to 5 G core network architecture and enables users to easily switch between processes. One slice was used for high-speed Internet connectivity, and the other was for dedicated link to low-latency, HD long-distance teaching, and learning for faculty members and students.

The United Kingdom already has 5 G networks, but they are non-standalone (NSA), which means it relies on LTE base stations which have already been developed. A standalone (SA) network is an independent network architecture that takes longer to develop but, in the long run, should benefit speeds.


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