OnePlus Nord

OnePlus Nord receives another pre-release upgrade, with security patch for July

It's not uncommon to see handset vendors schedule day one app updates for their new products, which will be ready to be activated until the first consumers pull them out of the package. And still, OnePlus has still outdone itself with the Nord. The phone, which got revealed earlier this week but will only go on sale in early August, is now now getting its second software update.

This is OxygenOS 10.5.2, and it carries with it the July security updates. Additionally, the newly released OnePlus Buds get an simpler pairing method when paired with the Nord, and for India Dailyhunt supports 90Hz refresh rate.

The method of starting up the camera app with gestures has been improved, as has video calling output, and the power consumption for the front camera while shooting video at 4K60. The camera performance has been enhanced overall, and the same can be said about device reliability. "General problems" were resolved too.

We 'd send you the normal alerts regarding staged rollouts, but only critics have this phone at the moment, so that's a moot point. We 're fairly positive that this update would in reality be ready for you to launch it the second you pull your brand new OnePlus Nord out of the box next month.

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