OnePlus deals are raining

OnePlus deals are raining

Hey everyone, OnePlus User Festival is going on! OnePlus is going to celebrate their 7th anniversary in this year. Since they are one of the most renowned brand in the world of smart phones, they will celebrate their special days with exciting offers. The fans of OnePlus will be delighted to know about the discount offers. Another amazing news is, OnePlus is going to expose something very interesting. They are going to reveal their top secret publicly in their anniversary.


The discount offers will be provided to the people who will participate in the contest of OnePlus User Festival 2020. The main contents of this festival are- badges, games and major 2020 co-creation campaign recaps. Some specific new Community Swag is going to appear in this event. This event is going to be very special for the OnePlus fans. You need to join In order to catch the best part of this event. By this, you will be able to win the contest easily. The list and schedule of the upcoming events of OnePlus has been provided in the following-


The event visitors can get amazing gifts by participating by collecting 5x more XP/RP. For this, they have to conduct the task of posting and checking in a regular basis. While implementing this task, they are required to maintain the rules strictly. Otherwise, they have to give penalty by losing five points which is not a regular issue for them.  Additionally, the visitors will be able to collect extra points by conducting the process of raffles, games and threads. The collection of more RP will be used for exchanging gifts. For this, you have to use the OnePlus store voucher.


There are some specific rules and regulations for participating in this festival. For example, you have to reply the threat of this festival in order to participate in the lucky draw. Moreover, you have to comment and check in OnePlus community forum or the mobile application at the time of the festival. You have to participate in OnePlus carnival games also for winning amazing prices. You can also check the RP in a regular basis by entering into the website of OnePlus Community Forum Website in the OnePlus Community Raffle Page through entering your personal webpage. You will get your prize after 25th December, 2020and the delivery time will be distinct from different country based on the transportation time and price.


The top secrets are regarding to the new features of their devices which will be beneficial a lot for the OnePlus users. So, it will be a matter of double bonus for the OnePlus users because they are getting the attractive discount offers along with the tops secret features of their favourite devices. So don’t miss the surprise and share the experience of being a part of OnePlus User Festival this year.

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