OnePlus 8 Review

OnePlus is about to release its new flagship phones very soon this year. And following last year’s OnePlus 7 and OnePlus 7 Pro and, OnePlus 7T, the new phones are going to be called OnePlus 8, OnePlus 8 pro respectively. There’s also a possibility of a lite version of OnePlus 8 which might be called OnePlus 8 Lite.

The latest flagship phones were about to get released earlier this year at Mobile World Congress 2020, but sadly, due to the pandemic Coronavirus, the launch is yet to happen. OnePlus may shift the launch online in April or early May, which is kind of expected since the last year it launched the OnePlus 7 series in May.

Not only the release date of the new series, but several rumors are going around the tech world about their features, prices, color, size, and whatnot. There is even some leaked news about their layouts, camera setting, and we’ve also heard they are going to introduce a  Next-Gen chipset. While some of the news might be just rumors, there is still a very good chance that they might be true. 

Let’s find out about these rumors about OnePlus 8 only and see how many of them have the potentiality to become true and you can also pre-analyze if this phone is going to be the next one that you are going to get.

OnePlus 8

Size: OnePlus phones are known to be on the big size, but maybe this time the phone may come out a little narrower with 6.44 inches or 6.55 inches, a little narrower than the last series phones. If the rumor is true, then it is a welcoming change – now the users will be more comfortable using the device.

Body: Gorilla Glass on back and front – Gorilla Glass 5 and Gorilla Glass 6 both will be used with an aluminum frame. It could have a narrow and minimal bezel around the phone, and there is a strong hint that the display screen will be a Super AMOLED display.

Refresh Rate: 120Hertz refresh rate – which is pretty great for gaming.

IP: OnePlus still has to introduce an IP for its phones. There is a good chance of providing an IP of 68 in their new OnePlus 8 which will help the device to hold a chance against water and dust.

Color: OnePlus loves experimenting with colors  - rumor has it this time it may come in Green. You might also find a gradient color and a classic black OnePlus 8.

Dimension: The upcoming phone will have an approximated dimension of 162.6 x 75.9 (8.8 mm).

Camera: OnePlus 8 might have some major differences in its camera features. Some leaked pieces of news say the main camera will be of 64MP with an apparatus of f/1.6, the Ultra-Wide camera will be of 20MP with f/2.2 apparatus, and there will also be a 12 MP (f/2.4) telephoto camera. There is going to be a 48+16+2 MP triple camera setup.

The Selfie camera is about to be a 32MP Sony IMX616 camera and according to the leaked layout, there will be a punch hole for the selfie camera.

The three rear cameras featured in the previous versions may not have a come back with the upcoming OnePlus 8.

Sound: Stereo Speakers – doesn’t seem they are bringing an ear-phone jack.

Platform: Android 10 Oxygen OS.

Resolution: The OnePlus 8 is supposed to have a screen resolution of 1080 x 2400. You can watch any Video within the given resolution on the phone without any glitches.

Network: It is going to support the 5G network, but it will also work on other regular networks.

SIM: Dual SIM (Nano-SIM, dual stand-by).

Storage: 8GB or 12GB RAM with 128GB or 256GB storage (UF S3).

Battery: Large battery with a 4000mAh; it might have a wireless charging system with a fast-charging of 30watt or 50watt. We will have to wait until its release to test out the endurance hour of the battery. 

Price: You may want to be inclined to buy the new OnePlus 8 phone after knowing its estimated price because this might be the cheapest phone in recent OnePlus history yet. The estimated prices are:

$528 for a phone with 8GB RAM and 128GB storage;

$571 for a phone with 8GB RAM and 256GB storage;

$614 for a phone with 12 GB RAM and 256B storage.

Fingerprint: OnePlus 8 will have an In-Display fingerprint system. 

Final verdict: Since the phone hasn’t been released yet, we cannot guarantee you that all of the above features will be added on the upcoming Oneplus 8. But it does seem to have some cool features and some major improvements from the last year’s series. So, you can expect that the brand will not settle for anything less than amazing. And if you got your budget covered, you can be a happy buyer as it is one of the cheapest phones of OnePlus. Also, we have heard that there is going to be some much-needed software optimization that might give its contemporaries a tough competition.

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