Microsoft, tiktok

Microsoft is however trying to buy the global operations of TikTok

Earlier this week, Microsoft publicly announced that it is pursuing the sale of TikTok 's activities in the United States , Canada , Australia and New Zealand. Now sources say that the tech giant is looking to extend its reach to involve Europe to India in the transaction, maybe even purchasing TikTok's global operations.

The Financial Times reports that Microsoft and ByteDance (who operates TikTok) have been negotiating to introduce India to the contract, but it is claimed to have fallen through. A source informs Reuters that Microsoft had yet to submit an bid to ByteDance to completely develop a social network.

The US firm has confirmed that the talks must be completed by 15 September, whether or not there is an deal. President Trump reiterated the deadline by announcing that he would sign an executive order to shutter TikTok's US arm unless an American company (Microsoft or another) assumes over by 15 September.

The President is now now trying to block WeChat unless a comparable agreement is struck with a US corporation. The restriction will push Apple and Google, headquartered in the US, to withdraw WeChat from their app stores, also in China.

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