Latest COVID-19 Application and COVID-19 Website Launched to Spread Knowledge by Apple

While Coronavirus is taking a toll on the whole world and killing thousands of people every day, it is not surprising that people are panicking. And to fuel their fearful state, many fake news and rumors are being spread regarding COVID 19, its repercussions and cure; which can be mortally dangerous for the naive people who believe in such news. To prevent that and provide the truth of the killer disease Apple has recently released a new COVID-19 app and website. Apple created the app with the cooperation of the CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention), White House Coronavirus Task Force and FEMA. 

Based on the latest guidelines by the CDC, the COVID-19 App, and COVID-19 website can be found on the App Store.

The app and the website asks the users to answer some questions such as: if they are having any symptoms and if yes, then what kind of symptoms; if they had any recent exposure; if they are around people who have certain types of symptoms, etc. And based on the answers the app and the website will provide guidelines on how to take care of the situation and how to stay in quarantine. It also tells the user if he needs medical treatment or he should stay at home alone, and if he needs to be treated, then how to contact the nearest doctor or hospital, etc. 

The new screening tool launched by Apple does not provide guidance from any state Healthline, instead, it gives guidance for individuals. 

The app and website are designed to also keep the people in a constant alert by providing them the latest updates, what should be strictly avoided, and what is allowed. 

According to CDC guidance, the users will receive guidelines of what steps to take to prevent or fight the novel Coronavirus such as: washing hands properly, staying away from people, staying at home, and taking the given action if any of the given symptoms occur. 

The customers in the US can also ask Siri (Apple App) about Coronavirus by asking, “How do I know if I have Coronavirus?” and get the information and guidelines from the CDC, and there is also a collection of telehealth apps on the App Store that can be accessed by the customers. 

Since last week, Apple is also notifying its iPhone users to obey the CDC guidance, stay in isolation and observe their health when they land at international airports all over the US.

The COVID-19 App and the website do not ask for any kind of private information from their users, nor do they require signing-in and such. The app and the website are both secured by Apple’s strong security force and the users can use them without being worried about their information safety. The users can trust the information provided by the app and the website.

The screening tool and resources are available in the COVID-19 App which is accessible to anyone who is 18 or above in the US. They can download the app from the App Store or visit

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