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Public Records Software

The highly configurable, digital-first public records solution. Meet the call for greater transparency, trust, engagement, and efficiency.

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Proven Outcomes

Unlock all the opportunities of modern government with our human-centered, data-driven solutions that elevate civic engagement while reducing risk and friction. Choose the supported, scalable, secure public records request management system that works across all departments and request types. GovQA is configured to your specific needs; and is relied on by more state and local government records departments than any other solution. The GovQA compliance suite centralizes public records requests and more.

Comprehensive Solution

Improve and enhance experiences, outcomes, and civic engagement with modern tools to match expectations.

Reduce Request Volume

The easiest request to fulfill is the one that's self-served — automatically deflect redundant requests.

Secure Data

The highest level of security and data protection available to governments — fully CJIS, HIPAA, NIST, FISMA compliant.

Automate Actions

Standardize and centrally manage requests with custom-configured workflows, escalations, notifications and reports.

Build Trust

Build positive relationships with the public while maintaining the necessary confidentiality of protected data.

Trusted Choice

Guided change management with dedicated implementation experts and full support teams ensures successful software adoption and ongoing satisfaction.

"We reduced our average open records request completion time by 66% while experiencing a 673% increase in request volume during the same time period without a single violation of open records laws."

Moraima Montenegro, Public Information Officer, San Antonio, TX
Moraima Montenegro, Public Information Officer, San Antonio, TX
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“GovQA does the calculations for us, it’s so much easier since we don’t have to think about it. We look smarter and we’re much more efficient.”

Jeri Carter Lawson Manager, City of Dallas, TX
Jeri Carter Lawson Manager, City of Dallas, TX
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"We have seen significant time saved by using GovQA. We receive over 16,000 records requests per year, so this system has had a tremendous impact in our ability to manage such a heavy workload without having to hire additional staff.”

Adam Perez Records Administrator, Hayward Police Department, CA
Adam Perez Records Administrator, Hayward Police Department, CA
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“We saw the redaction tool within GovQA and the invoicing and knew this was it. We were looking for a better way to do things...we needed to step up into the 21st century.”

Lisa Linden Records Supervisor, Volusia Sheriff's Office, FL
Lisa Linden Records Supervisor, Volusia Sheriff's Office, FL
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Centralize & Standardize Request Management

Deflect Requests Before They're Submitted
Reduce Request Volume — Gain Time for Critical Missions

Patent-pending deflection tools deliver requested information in-line and before a request is submitted for reduced request volume and workload.
Proactive “Trending Topics” with auto-follow functions allow requesters to self-serve.
Merge similar requests to reduce duplicative work.


Custom Configure Workflows and Processes
Automate Actions

Dedicated implementation teams configure your portals specifically for your organization and its unique process needs.
Automated workflows streamline routing, escalating, tracking, and logging.
Alerts and notifications to requesters and staff are based on your triggers.
Powerful inline redaction tools ensure confidence in confidentiality.


Central Oversight and Control
Manage Processes

Dashboards, at-a-glance status indicators, and powerful reporting tools clarify priorities.
Full defensible audit trail captures all activity, views, and clicks to reduce litigation risk.
Request nesting allows unlimited layering and installments grouped hierarchically under the original request.


Keep up with GovQA

GovQA can help you answer the call…for answers. Smart workflows for effortless compliance. Whether you're managing public records requests, subpoenas, legal holds, or other types of compliance requests.

Do More with Less

Replace manual processes and point solutions with the powerful public records solution that gives you time back in your day. Automate workflows to ensure compliance, increase public trust, and minimize the impact of increasing public record request complexity.

Public Portal

Staff Portal

Public Portal to Improve Requester Experiences

Staff Portal to Streamline Request Management

Predictive Intake Deflection

Enable fast self-service to reduce your workload: automatically match requester searches with “release-to-all” responses and FAQs.

Similar Request Alert and Link

Duplicate requests are automatically identified so you can work them together for efficiency and response consistency.

Estimates, Invoicing, and Payments

Clear fee communication builds trust...and helps you recover costs with automatic estimate conversion to fully itemized, accounting-aligned invoices with your preferred payment vendor.

Pinpointed Workflows

Streamline collaboration and prevent staff notification fatigue/avoidance with precise assignment and escalation parameters.

Secure Release with Limitable Links

Deliver responses the way customers prefer while download tracking/counting with security features to prevent unauthorized, unknown, and expired link-sharing.

Email and Video Records Processing

Process email and video files from inside GovQA — extract, de-dupe, search email records; and securely stream and redact video/audio.

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