Honor CEO George Zhao says that a large screen phone is coming

Honor is supposed to bring X10 Pro and X10 Max back in July, and we've only heard a few bits and pieces about them. However, the latest news comes from brand CEO George Zhao, who has disclosed to Weibo that a large-screen product is coming in.

We 're pretty positive he's thinking about getting back the Max lineup that was a success with the Honor 8X Max in China, then vanished suddenly when the Honor 9X family took over the place.

George Zhao clarified that with scheduled products, the Huawei brand has faced various difficulties, including the transition from 4 G to 5 G, but the commitment to a big device remains, and will be on time. He tried to refute claims the 7 "panel is demanding, and the business might not be ready for the Dragon Boat Festival-a Chinese holiday marking the summer solstice.

It's said the Honor X10 Max has a 7.09 "display and should come with the Dimensity 800 chipset. Sources claim it'll bring a 26 mm lens and f/1.8 aperture 48MP main camera. Price will be around $225/€200 CNY1,600, making it one of the lower cost 5 G phones on the market.

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