Google Stadia is going to work on most Android phones now

Google Stadia Google also has creative tools for more devices, which ensures you 're free to go as long as your user can access the Stadia software. If you get the software up and running, in the settings where you will see an option "Play on this device," you'll need to move over to the Experiments page. Google doesn't mention any clear system specifications here because it's still not entirely obvious which phones will suit the bill.

Additionally, Stadia also formally supports 8 more OnePlus phones that cover the whole range from the OnePlus 5 all the way to the 8 Pro.

Another cool new innovation for Stadia gamers is the on-screen touch controls that enable you to play without a dedicated physical controller being needed. The new function in the Settings menu is accessible through the new "press gamepad" option. Google also rolls out an independent resolution control, allowing you to set the Stadia resolution output manually on each device you play.

Google Stadia is currently accessible only in 14 nations, including the Netherlands, the United States, Belgium, Canada, Denmark , Finland, France , Germany, Ireland , Italy, Norway, Spain and Sweden. Google is also dedicated to extending the Stadia footprint as soon as possible to further platforms and areas.

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