Google Photos massive redesign with a new icon, a picture map feature, and a simplified Interface

From today, Google will be releasing a new upgrade to the Google Photos software. The photo-keeping software is five years old and has slowly improved the way we preserve and revisit our memories over the years. Google claims more users are using Google Photos to see memories, after all, a story-like loop that tells you what your week has been like in years gone by.

Nonetheless, a new concept is heading to the UI, with a brand-new icon. The symbol is indeed a fun pinwheel, but it's more circle-y and completely flattened, as Google has done in all of its updated product app icons.

There are only three key sections instead of four: Photos, Search, and Library. Now, the Photos tab should have bigger thumbnails, fewer room between frames, and you'll see auto-playing videos as well. There's even a bigger "Memories" carousel – this isn't going to give you all sorts of moments, such as experiences of your best friends and relatives, vacation images, and last week's highlights. You 're always going to be forced to conceal stories about other individuals or time spans.

In the search tab, you will find a new interactive map to help you find memories. This was the most requested feature of Google since the launch of Google Photos. You can search for photos by clicking and zooming on a map, or you can watch the map move as you scroll through your photos. Google informs you that you can still delete the position of your data or disable the User History and Location permissions.

Finally, the Library tab is where you'll see Albums, Trash, Archive, and Memories. It is also where you can find the Print Store (in the US, EU, and CA) where you can order the prints of your pictures.

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