Google Messages should receive Android 11 Bubbles within next month

Continuing to follow the release of the first Android 11 Beta build, Google's official Reddit handle /u / androidbetaprogram has announced that Android Messages will work with the new Android 11 Bubbles API in the coming month.

You should receive Bubbles in the next week or two for those who are participating in the Android Messages Trial program from the Play Store. Some apps would of course have to use the Android 11 Beta.

Android 11 will allow the use of "Bubbles" by third-party apps, a new API that allows an app to minimize its instance into a floating circle drawn across the UI. When a fresh update arrives, the Bubbled device opens into another currently active app. You may consider this experience on Facebook Messenger to be similar to Chat Heads.

The post also describes that Bubbles is an application-controlled function, so software developers have to allow Bubbles to access their third-party applications.

Personally, I don't like Chat Heads and I think the Bubbles elements are easily obtrusive and the app is filled up. What do you think of this latest feature for Android 11? Do you consider this kind of nuisance feature convenient?

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