Geekbench has more Processor capacity and more RAM than the G8 Play

The first Moto G7 phones came out early in 2019, and the first G8 models followed later that year. Now, it's time for the next version – the Moto G9 Play might be the first of these.

The production certainly appears to be going on, because Geekbench 5 has already passed through. There's some positive news – the handset runs Android 10, unlike for example the Moto G8 Power Lite, which came out embarrassingly with 9.0 Pie this April (most of the G8 range is on Android 10 though).

The chipset is unclear, and the test just lists it as "guamp." The results are quite similar to what the (non-Lite) Moto G8 and G8 Power achieved, both powered by the Snapdragon 665. It is an outdated processor but the usage of the Moto G8 Play is still quicker than the Helio P70M.

Even the G8 Play has just 2 GB of RAM while the latest variant carries 4 GB. This may be the highest configuration but models with fewer RAM and a lower price tag will still be available. Also, it is an improvement.

If the Moto G9 Play uses the Snapdragon 665 (or a newer processor, claim the 662, whatever "guamp" happens to be), this year's inexpensive entry into the G-series is in for an boost in efficiency.

By the way, the Play might not be the first to come out – the Moto G9 Plus (with 4 GB of RAM and 128 GB storage) was reported at an online store at €277 a couple of days ago.

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