Galaxy S20+ 5G BTS limited edition is sold out in South Korea within an hour

The most retweeted and loved post ever from the @SamsungMobile page is for a advertising campaign featuring boy band BTS, and it would come as no shock that fans flocked to the Galaxy S20 + 5G limited edition.

Earlier today pre-orders went live and South Korean shops sold out in an hour. This is for BTS Limited Edition Bundle featuring a Samsung Galaxy S20+ 5G in the exclusive "Haze Purple" color and the Galaxy Buds+ (also in violet). This package comes with a portable adapter designed by BTS, a limited edition case and a band poster.

This package was valued at KRW 1.6 million ($1.320), a little above the S20+ and Buds+ average costs. The Buds+ BTS limited edition area is also available to order and supplies are still available in online stores.

Samsung will begin shipping the phone to South Korea on June 29, with global shipments planned for July 9.

Korean fans who are interested in just the phone can pre-order the Galaxy S20 + 5 G BTS on July 1. is taking pre-orders in the US, the UK and many other counties for just the limited phone (and the Buds+ is sold separately). It is not too late to choose one if you are in one of those areas.

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