Exclusive: Apple works on purchases through QR Code for Apple Pay, iOS 14 technology reveals

Apple released the second iOS 14 beta update, with some small system-wide improvements. And now 9to5Mac has been able to find a hidden feature in the Wallet app that will allow users to make payments using Apple Pay with QR codes.

References contained in the iOS 14 code show that Apple is collaborating with the iPhone camera on a different way to help consumers make purchases through Apple Pay by scanning a QR code or standard barcode.

We've managed to reach this secret feature in iOS 14 beta 2, and while it still doesn't work, we can easily see an picture of how it does work. Users can aim the iPhone camera to a QR code or standard barcode to pay bills with an Apple Pay approved wallet, among other items.

The opposite will work too, with users keeping the iPhone in front of a scanner created by the Wallet app with a QR code. We may also assume there will be some form of contact with third-party applications because this application has been located in an API of the public network.

This functionality was not addressed by Apple at WWDC 2020, so it is not yet done, and we don't know when Apple will make it available to consumers. It is important to remember that this was not present in the first beta launched last month's iOS 14 developer, but it's obviously something Apple is still working on.

For a closed beta update arriving this month, iOS 14 is scheduled to be released to the public later this year.

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