Apple will ship without chargers, earphones of iPhone 12

Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo reported that in May, Apple was considering removing the included earbuds from the retail package for the iPhone 12. Barclays analysts said the same a couple of days earlier, and indicated that only the control brick might be removed, Kuo confirms in his new research report.

Apple will introduce a USB Power Delivery 20W Charger, says Kuo, which will be sold exclusively. He didn't predict a price but the current 18W charger is worth $30. The organization must end the new 5W and 18W versions in development.

Apple will likely position this as an environmentally friendly move that would lead to less electronic waste. And though that's real, the author discusses other reasons – bringing 5 G to the latest iPhones raises their manufacturing prices, but they'll be priced for the same price as the 2019 versions. Removing the earbuds and charger will help make margins better.

The only accessory the iPhone 12 models will be shipped with is a USB-C to Lightning connector, according to the Barclays staff. Coincidentally, this will solve the problems Apple faces with EU pushing for a common charger that is compatible with all phones.

The iPhone SE (2020) is still shipped with a 5W adapter although the experts say it will be withdrawn from the box later this year. A 12W cable must also be supplied with the iPads, though.

Speaking of Apple's tablets, the company will later this year launch a 10.8 "model, Kuo says. The present 10.2 "iPad, or 10.5" iPad Air should be a replacement. There's also a new iPad mini in the works with an 8.5 "screen, and the analyst expects it to be unveiled next year. Like the iPhones, the latest 20 W adapter must package these iPads.

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