Apple iPhone 12 mini is Not a Big Hit

Apple iPhone 12 mini is Not a Big Hit

Many reports are showing that the sales of the iPhone 12 Mini are very poor. It is struggling for sales. At present, the needs and demands of customers are changing day by day. As a result, any mobile company must get updated with the updated customer needs. Recently, the top brand Apple has launched its most popular iPhone 12 series.


The iPhone 12 mini accounts for just 4-5 percent of revenue to major carriers, compared to 24-33 percent to the standard iPhone 12 considering the extra $100 cost involved. Another report says that the mini handset had the "softest demand" with people opting instead for bigger screen models.


Another reason for the poor sales of the Apple iPhone 12 Mini is, the Apple4 iPhone lovers already have an alternative to more pocketable phones. The 2020 iPhone SE is not as powerful as the iPhone 12 mini, nor does it provide 5G connectivity, but it provides a smaller size and comes in at $300 cheaper. Perhaps the biggest attraction of a smaller phone for most people was to save money, and if that's the case, then why wouldn't they go ahead and save even more?



Unfortunately, the iPhone 12 mini is failing to sell compared to its siblings. Based on the reports and findings, it can be said that Apple iPhone 12 mini isn't a tremendous deal for the customers. iPhone is one of the most favorite devices for the customers but it turned out that not a lot of people choose smaller devices. So, one of the major reasons for the sales decline of the iPhone 12 Mini is the smaller size.


So, it has become the least popular of the four new iPhone models of Apple. So, Apple has failed to find a big audience who will love to purchase the iPhone 12 Mini. The cost of the main iPhone 12 model is more than $100. And it has been earning revenue from 24% to 33% of sales at the major three US carriers.   

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